Peter John Wells Interview part 1

Peter John Wells Interview part 2

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One Man Exhibitions
1979 : St James' Theatre, Bath.
1980 : Arts Centre, Milford Haven.
1982 : Bath Festival
1983 : University Of Bath, Arts Barn
1984 : Gallery 27, Tonbridge
1988 : Cristofori Gallery, London
1991 : Beaminster - Bath - London. Action Aid Tour
1992 : Bristol - London. Action Aid Tour
1993 : Contemporary Art Gallery, Eton/Salon de Musique, Brussels.
1994 : The Music Studios, London.
1995 : The Music Studios, London.
1996 : The British Council, New Delhi, India.
1997 : Hot Bath Gallery, Bath.
1998 : The Music Studios, London.
1999 : Jata Theertum Temple Decoration. Website Creation
2000 : British Council, Madras, India.
2000 : The Music Studios, London.
2003 : The Black Swan Gallery, Frome.
2005 : The Corridor, London.
2007 : British Council, Chennai, India.
2008 : The Victoria Gallery, Bath.
The University Of Bath(1983)
The Arts Barn,
University Of Bath.
The University Of Bath(1983) The University Of Bath(1983)
Cristofori Galleries(1988)
"the pictures are influenced by Indian minatures and decorative painting."
The Independant
Cristofori Galleries(1988)
Contemporary Art Gallery (1993)
Contemporary Art Gallery,
Eton/Salon de Musique, Brussels
Contemporary Art Gallery (1993)
The Music Studios (1994, 1995) & Independent Newspaper
1994 1995 Newspaper Newspaper2
Action Aid Tour
Action Aid Tour
The British Council, New Dehli (1996)
"The aritist in Wells sees each work as a statement of joyous reflection, where drawing and colour are inextricably linked, as he subtly explores the spaces between the various dimensions of the human mind, becoming multifaceted extensions of his commitment to translate the beauty of the eternal Indian paradise."

The Hindustan Times (March 23, 1996)

Peter Wells outside the British Council
Division, British High Commission.

British Council Gallery "The paintings of Peter Wells, exhibited at the British Council Gallery, clarify the orientalist view of the painter and his search for the mystical features of Indian life."

The Statesman, New Dehli, March 1996

British Council, Chennai (2007)
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exhibition_2007_ch3 exhibition_2007_ch4

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